Mobile Beacon

More Sales. Less Work. Turn passersby into potential buyers with Beacon

Businesses struggle to connect with customers through traditional methods. Beacon helps them deliver targeted messages through on-site experiences that breathe new life into any business. Don’t let another customer go by without having the information they need.

What are Beacons?

Beacons are small Bluetooth-enabled devices with one purpose: to emit an URL – any URL you want. When mobile users with the BeaconSage app are within range of a beacon, their phones automatically pick up the Bluetooth signal and notify the user that there is a beacon nearby. The user can then interact with that beacon, which will take them to the URL programmed into it.

Bars & Restaurants

Use Bluetooth beacons to drive footfalls and deliver a delightful experience to customers who walk in. Track hourly footfalls to adjust happy hours and promotions.

Real Estate

With Beacon, you can put your property listings right where you want them – in a potential buyer’s hands.



Post sporting event scores, schedule updates, athlete bios and more to your BeaconSage portal to keep spectators engaged and in-the-know. BeaconSage takes sporting events to the next level.


Keep attendees up to date with the latest artist information, maps, check-ins, promotions and even payment integration, all on-site via mobile devices. BeaconSage helps festivals flow.

It will help your Business by

  • It Automatically markets your exclusive Deals and Promotions 24/7.
  • It Increases your local marketing outreach.
  • You can create a marketing campaign and obtain new Leads and Customers.
  • Creates more followers and likes to your Facebook or Yelp page, etc.
  • Allowing you to conduct Enter to win Contests.
  • Sign up Customers to your Mobile App or Text Messaging program.
  • Allows you to see Real Time Analytics so you can see the effectiveness of your campaign.

How the Beacon works.

  • It automatically broadcasts a 40 character Bluetooth message to nearby smart phones, up to 300′ away and in a 360° radius.
  • The message appears in the notifications bar of the Smart Phone.
  • The message is designed to promote your Business Sales, Offers, Deals and more . . .
  • It drives Customers to your Business Website, Social Media page, Landing page or Capture page, etc.​​

No other marketing can reach customers, in your community, and drive traffic to your business like our Mobile Marketing Beacon can!!!!

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